ITOCO is the result of more than 10 years of research to find the perfect carbon exchange with a global application.

Leveraging the miraculous qualities of the Nopal cactus, ITOCO has secured hundreds of thousands of hectares ready to grow the world’s most efficient and sustainable CO2 capture. With our patented and 100% organic fertilizer, and pending carbon exchange, ITOCO is the global solution to dramatically, and sustainably reducing the world’s rising CO2 levels.

Michael Paul, CEO

The Miracle of the Nopal Cactus

Most plants store CO2 and release it when they die; our plants put CO2 into the ground where they grow.

More Effective Than the Amazon Rainforest

Acre by acre more effective at CO2 reduction than the Amazon rainforest.

C02 Reduction
Per Acre

When comparing a farmed acre of our Nopal Cactus over a 5-year period, the Nopal Cactus Farm captures 30% more CO2. The CO2 is stored in the ground, and not the plant, so when it is farmed, or dies, minimal CO2 is released back into the atmosphere.

CO2 Capture

One Acre of Nopal Cactus

One Acre of Amazon Rainforest

CO2 Release

One Acre of Nopal Cactus

One Acre of Amazon Rainforest


We have patented the world’s most benign fertilization increasing yields by 200%, and reaching maturity twice as fast.

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We are accelerating the carbon dioxide capture, the agricultural yields, and arid land regeneration in the countries that need it the most.

ALPHA Pang, Director


Bring a sustainable CO2 credit exchange to arid countries, support local agriculture, and regenerate arid lands.


We are creating the world’s most advanced carbon exchange, through permit trading to allow countries, and their industries to meet their obligations specified by the Kyoto Protocol; namely the reduction of carbon emissions in an attempt to mitigate future climate change.

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$200,000,000 of carbon exchange available, with $1,000,000,000 worth of exchange ready to be planted and under contract.

Michael Paul, CEO

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