ITOCO has a sustainable organic solution to regenerating arid land on a mass scale.

Leveraging the unique qualities of the Nopal cactus, ITOCO is securing hundreds of thousands of hectares ready to grow the world’s most efficient and sustainable CO2 capture solution. With our proprietary and 100% organic fertilizer, and carbon sequestration methods, ITOCO has the global solution to dramatically and sustainably reduce the world’s rising CO2 levels.

Jose Alves


Most plants capture CO2, only to release it when they die; our proprietary Nopal Cactus strain removes CO2 and permanently stores it in the soil.

More Effective Than the Amazon Rainforest

Acre by acre more effective at CO2 reduction than the Amazon rainforest.

C02 Reduction
Per Acre

When comparing a farmed acre of our Nopal Cactus over a 5-year period, the Nopal Cactus Farm captures 30% more CO2. The CO2 is stored in the ground, and not the plant, so when it is farmed, or dies, minimal CO2 is released back into the atmosphere.

CO2 Capture

One Acre of Nopal Cactus

One Acre of Amazon Rainforest

CO2 Release

One Acre of Nopal Cactus

One Acre of Amazon Rainforest


We are developing the world’s most benign fertilization which has shown to increase yields by 200%

We aim to accelerate the carbon dioxide capture, the agricultural yields, and arid land regeneration in the countries that need it the most.

ALPHA Pang, Director


ITOCO is dedicated to delivering a sustainable organic solution to regenerate arid land on a mass scale.


Itoco’s Nopal cactus Soil Rescue Program contributes to a global commitment to combat climate change and creates a 360-economy for participating regions, all of which open numerous potential revenue streams.

Management’s goal is to rehabilitate and reforest 1 million hectares of arid land over the next 5 years. This initially involves Nopal cactus cultivation to rehabilitate the land, which also creates marketable cactus products, other cash crops, and livestock production. A large portion will always remain devoted to carbon sequestering forest and renaturalized land.

Stephen McNeill – President

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