Creating an thriving local economy

Building a strong diverse local economies further strengthened by carbon offsets

Global Reach – Local Impact

ITOCO’s technology is creating an effective solution for the capture, quantification and monetization of Nopal Cactus carbon offsets. To help the local economy the Nopal harvest is being used to create food sources, clean energy, and commodities such as consumer products and fertilization to support and build local industry.

Partnering with Nations

ITOCO’s Nopal Cactus farms in Portugal are providing the cladodes (paddles) for planting new crops of its proprietary cactus in participating countries in Africa. ITOCO’s partners include oil and gas companies seeking carbon offsets and biofuel for their biogas projects, governments committed to combating climate change and small landholders seeking a sustainable livelihood.

Portugal First

ITOCO Inc. is a leader in regenerating arid lands organically and sustainably, carbon capture, and producing biofuels using its organic proprietary GMP Nopal Cactus developed over the last 10 years in Portugal.

environmentally-sustainable communities

With global production, we will bring Nopal Cactus to allow local economies to produce food, animal feed, organic fertilizer, industrial carbonates and energy such as Biogas, Bio-diesel and Ethanol to create environmentally-sustainable communities in arid and semi-arid regions around the globe.

Global Growth

ITOCO’s sustainable cactus farming projects and their ability to help rehabilitate large-scale landmasses into productive ecosystems will position partnering nations as a leader in creating a healthier country and planet.

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