Creating an thriving local economy

Building a local economy strengthened by carbon offsets

Sustaining Communities - ipad-farmer

Global Reach – Local Impact

ITOCO’s technology is creating an effective solution for the capture, quantification and monetization of Nopal Cactus carbon offsets. To help the local economy the Nopal harvest is being used to create food sources, clean energy, and commodities such as consumer products and fertilization to support and build local industry.

Sustaining Communities - ipad-mexican-flag

Partnering with Government

For the past 6 years, ITOCO has conducted research in Mexico with the support of the Secretary of Agriculture (SAGARPA), the Secretary of Energy (SENER), the Secretary of Environment (SEMARNAT) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to increase production on over 21 crops.

Mexico First

As a first stage, the company’s business model is to establish over 2,446 strategic modular manufacturing locations throughout 32 States in Mexico for the collection and transformation of Nopal harvest into food sources, organic fertilizer, biogas or ethanol for the local markets. These products will be sold to local farmers, Municipalities, heavy industry and State and Federal Governments Officials to operate their fleet of vehicles.

environmentally-sustainable communities

With global production, we will bring Nopal Cactus to allow local economies to produce food, animal feed, organic fertilizer, industrial carbonates and energy such as Biogas, Bio-diesel and Ethanol to create environmentally-sustainable communities in arid and semi-arid regions around the globe.

Global Growth

As one the world’s most innovative companies in Carbon Sequestration, Organic Fertilizer and Clean Energy Production we are currently well poised in the North American Market, and are currently expanding globally. Working with 11,735 producers with 45,327 hectares of Nopal Cactus production and serving customers in more than 18 states in Mexico, our experience is unmatched.

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