Soil Rescue Program

Combat climate change while creating a 360-economy

Itoco’s Nopal cactus Soil Rescue Program contributes creates a 360-economy

  • Creates a profitable circular economy
  • Captures and stores CO2 with carbon credit returns
  • Lucrative food products – prickly pear fruit and juices
  • Regenerates land for reforestation or other cash crops
  • Valuable biomass for biogas facilities
  • Livestock fodder, especially during periods of drought
  • Thousands of jobs created in agriculture, processing, retail, export

A Win Win

With our patented and 100% organic fertilizer, advanced plant varietals, and our Carbon Exchange, ITOCO is the global solution to dramatically, and sustainably reducing the world’s rising CO2 levels. The advanced Nopal Agriculture and subsidiary industries are creating economic viability in regions that need the economic support the most.

CO2 Sequestration

Nopal Cactus Yields

With the advances after more than a decade of intensive work in agriculture science, ITOCO has created a seeds and fertilizers that improve the quality and contribute to increase the productivity and competitiveness in the fields, and expand the suitable land. Most importantly their yield for CO2 sequestration is unequaled.

The Nopal Cactus Plantation Cultivation

  • Harvest is 9 months.
  • Pilot of 140 hectares will sequester 5,040 tones of carbon and offset 8,400 tones of CO2 emissions annually.

Scaling Up

  • 100,000 hectares will sequester 3.6m tones of carbon and offset 6m tones of CO2 emissions annually.
  • 1 million hectares will sequester 36m tones of carbon and offset 60m tones of CO2 emissions annually.

Mexico and the World

In Mexico we have $200,000,000 of Carbon exchange available, with $1,000,000,000 worth of exchange ready to be planted and under contract. As we are actively pursuing new contracts in South America, Europe and Africa, the growth potential for the carbon exchange is staggering.

A Carbon Exchange Market That Benefits Local Economies

We are creating a sustainable and healthy economy for not only Mexico, but in future other arid and semi arid regions throughout the world. In view of environmental changes underway, the Nopal Cactus plant could be considered as one of the best options as a carbon sequestration and a carbonate mineral sink, absorbing, holding and transforming excess CO2 from the atmosphere, and this can be achieved in areas where this species of plant can be established but nothing else will grow.

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