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ITOCO Welcomes Mr. Hadelin Carlos Diericx Trouyet to Its Board of Directors

ITOCO INC. (OTC PINK:ITMC) is pleased to announce that Mr. Hadelin Carlos Diericx Trouyet has joined the firm’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Diericx is a results-driven, highly-accomplished, and focused serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He brings strong leadership skills, dedication and discipline, with broad experience in business development. He charted growth paths for several successful startups & SMEs in Mexico, the United States and Latin America.

Mr. Diericx has represented multiple companies in various industry roadshow presentations, trade forums, and networking events focusing specifically to procure growth for the companies.

He is a founding member of Eco-plan Plc and was instrumental in establishing a Nopal Cactus Carbon Capture Program with 11,753 Nopal Farmers throughout 19 States in Mexico with 45,357 Hectares under management. The Nopal Cactus Carbon Credit Program was launched in cooperation with the President of the Subcommision of Nopal, Tuna and Maguey with the support of the Chamber of Deputes to support a Carbon Capture Program under the United Nations Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Program. The Nopal Cactus Carbon Credit Program was endorsed by Mr. Rafael Pacchiano Alman, the Secretary of Environment of Mexico and Mr. Jose Calzada Rovirosa, The Secretary of Agriculture of Mexico.

Mr. Diericx was also instrumental at presenting the Nopal Cactus Carbon Credit Program at the North American Carbon World Conference in San Francisco in cooperation with the Mr. Rodolfo Lacy the Undersecretary of Environment of Mexico.

Mr. Diericx was also instrumental at spearheading a Nopal Cactus Carbon Capture Program in Africa to implement the program in the Great Green Wall Project.

Mr. Diericx currently manages the US 10 Million Dollar portfolio of E Capital Mexico Venture Capital Fund LP, a venture capital organization with 10 early-stage investments in the Fintech and technology sectors, having established long-term and mutually beneficial strategic relationships with very promising companies.

He studied Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and is fully bilingual (English & Spanish).

“We are very excited by the potential that ECAPFIN’s technology and assets have in the green Bio-Tech space. We plan to leverage the Nopal plant’s unique properties into several strong products that have significant environmental and land reclamation properties,” said Michael Paul, CEO of ITOCO.

ITOCO will shortly announce several Board appointees relative to this announcement as well as a detailed and dedicated web page section related to this acquisition.


ITOCO’s mission is to be a global leader in developing, distributing, and producing Bio Tech related technologies and methodologies in a compliant environmentally friendly manner. ITOCO INC. trades on the OTC Markets, symbol: ITMC. ITOCO is a 13-year-old publicly quoted specialty Bio Tech development, production and distribution company based in Toronto, Canada and Nevada USA. Itoco seeks to partner with outstanding individuals and companies within this field to joint venture, research, and co-develop Bio Tech related products and technologies to the market.


ECAPFIN is creating an effective solution for the capture and processing of CO2 as well as to generate clean energy from Nopal Cactus. Designed, developed, tested, it is a surprisingly profitable solution. In additional, the carbon sequestration achieved by the nopal cactus plantations results in biological carbon sequestration. Because cactus transform CO2 into calcium carbonate rather than storing CO2 into its biomass and that the captured CO2 is injected into the ground through root system of the plant, this type of carbon capture and storage can be assimilated to a permanent sequestration and, therefore, lead to the allowance of carbon offsets. Eco-Plan PLC is conceived to globally exploit the “Nopaltilla technology” under the name Eco-Plan to capture in a highly efficient way the CO2 emitted by industry and fossil fuel, therefore benefiting the environment and ecosystems. The team of Scientist is committed worldwide to climate protection through implementation of the Eco-plan technology and the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions.

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