ITOCO is pleased to present its Carbon Capture Offset program to the upcoming COP26 Conference in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2021 / ITOCO INC. (OTC Pink:ITMC) ITOCO representatives will be presenting to and attending the meeting session COP 26, Glasgow, UK, from 25 Oct 2021 to 12 Nov 2021.

COP26 is the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. It is the largest Conference of its type in the world. The climate talks will be the largest international summit ever held in the UK, bringing together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree on actions to tackle climate change.

The ITOCO Nopal Cactus Carbon Capture Program in Mexico has demonstrated Nopal Cactus farming innovations that leverages the cacti’s superb adaptation to dry and arid landscapes, which include fixing carbon dioxide at night and closing the spores (stomata) during the day, thus earning producers carbon credits at an accelerated pace in under twelve months.

In other words, Nopal Cactus efficiently removes carbon from the atmosphere permanently.

Nopal Cactus is able to trap up to 30 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

The Cactus is also able to offer strong vegetative cover against erosion or desertification while being able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and to thrive in water limited environments. As is characterized by a wide-spreading fibrous roots system allowing it to access surface water and its succulent stems and pads store large quantities of water per hectare. These can be obtained by factory processing and purified for domestic use as acknowledged by the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization. The impact on air pollution, soil remediation, and water provisioning would reach and improve many lives in the dry and arid areas we propose to set up the innovation.

ITOCO will be presenting its Nopal Carbon Capture program as an addition to the Great Green Wall is now being implemented in more than 20 countries across Africa. To date, more than eight billion dollars have been mobilized and pledged for its support internationally. The initiative brings together African countries and international partners under the African Union Commission and Pan-African Agency of the Great Green Wall.

Once complete, the Wall will be the largest living structure on the planet – an 8,000 km natural wonder of the world stretching across the entire width of the continent.

By 2030, the initiative’s ambition is to restore 100 million ha of currently degraded land, sequester 250 million tons of carbon and create 10 million green jobs.

This will support communities living along the Wall to:

  • Grow fertile land, one of humanity’s most precious natural assets
  • Grow economic opportunities for the world’s youngest population
  • Grow food security for the millions that go hungry every day
  • Grow climate resilience in a region where temperatures are rising faster than anywhere else on Earth
  • Grow a new world wonder spanning 8,000 km across Africa

The Nopal Cactus prefers dry well drained gravel to sandy soils, better still in areas of high sunlight and warm temperatures. Hence the degraded areas would be ploughed, thus allowing the planting of the Nopal Cactus as is the practice in Mexico. This is an inexpensive option to protect the environment, begin the rehabilitation of land and soil, and obtain these benefits more efficiently than by the difficult talk of planting trees initially. In fact, planting the Cactus ultimately allows trees to flourish more quickly. Cactus’ period to maturity is much shorter and thus benefits the people by producing fruit, vegetables, flour, fertilizer, animal feed, biomass, biofuel, etc.

The ITOCO Nopal Cactus Program has already been proven with over 1,450 Hectares under management with the support of the Government of Mexico, which has endorsed the Paris Agreement adopted at the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (“COP”) to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (“UNDCC”) and is taking action to mitigate its Green House Gas (“GHG’) emissions in accordance with the Land Use Protocol of the United Nations (LULUCF), by 2030.

ITOCO will be presenting its Nopal Cactus Carbon Capture program to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which is made up of fifteen member countries located in the Western African region. These countries have both cultural and geopolitical ties and shared common economic interests.

ITOCO representatives have been invited by The Government of Nigeria, to join the diplomatic mission as a National Focal Point (NFP) to attend the meeting session COP 26, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Nigeria is a strong proponent and supporter of the principles behind the United Nations Framework Convention (climate change), as well as being one of the largest Petroleum producers in the world.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC Secretariat) requests the customary assistance of Governments to facilitate such participation. The Government of Nigeria has duly nominated ITOCO representatives to attend and present the Nopal Cactus Carbon Capture Offset program at the sessions mentioned above of the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol.


ITOCO’s mission is to be a global leader in developing, distributing, and producing Bio Tech related technologies and methodologies in a compliant environmentally friendly manner. ITOCO INC. trades on the OTC Markets, symbol: ITMC. ITOCO is a 13-year-old publicly quoted specialty Bio Tech development, production and distribution company based in Toronto, Canada and Nevada USA. Itoco seeks to partner with outstanding individuals and companies within this field to joint venture, research, and co-develop Bio Tech related products and technologies to the market.

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