The Evolution of A Partnership

Continual Advancements and Giving Back

Carbon Credit Support

The average Nopal farmer generates income of $4,307.01 USD per hectare, considered to be below the poverty level in Mexico. The ITOCO model dramatically increases the success of these farmers through fertilization, optimal plant varietals, and profit sharing in the carbon credit exchange.

After more than a decade of intensive work in agriculture science, ITOCO has created a seeds and fertilizers that improve the quality and contribute to increase the productivity and competitiveness in the fields, and expand the suitable land.

We are creating a sustainable and healthy economy for not only Mexico, but in future other arid and semi arid regions throughout the world.

Better Yields and CO2 Capture

Evolving Nopal Cactus Harvesting

Through hybridization processes with a rigorous genetic selection of more than 15 species and after more than 6 years of work in field ITOCO has been able to dramatically increase the yield of the Nopal Cactus.

  • Combined with our patented organic fertilization, we are able to reach maturity twice as fast, and increase yield by more than 200%.
  • More CO2 capture and greater production for food sources, biogas, and other production.
  • New productivity standards were achieved ranging between 600 to 900 tons per hectare per year, versus the 150 tons that are typically observed.
  • The size of leafs and the sugar content was modified (there are some new hybrid plants than contain up to 200% more sugar).

Our research and the results we have achieved, have demonstrated the production potential of Nopal Cactus in even more extreme growing conditions than fond in Mexico by evolving our organic fertilization, better technology and new seeds.

Free Organic Fertilizer and Seed Program

CAMPO 100 A.C. created the PAL CAMPO program in 2017 to supply over 300,000 Liters of Free Organic Fertilizer (with a value of over $1,000,000 USD) and 12,000,000 seeds of our optimized Nopal Cactus to more than 7,000 farmers in 10 states throughout Mexico during the past 4 years.

Single Mothers Program

In 2016 CAMPO 100 A.C. was established as a Non-Profit Organization, and supported by the Secretaria de Desarrollo Social (SEDESOL) and the Ministry of Social Services.

In that same year, the PROSPERA program was created to supply 268 single mothers in the state of Guerrero an opportunity to produce Nopal food products in their home garden to feed their family and generate income.

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