• A better process for the environment.

    Itoco uses aquaponic growing systems that combine plant cultivation with fish farming in a system that benefits both, and is a process that is better for the environment that other cultivation methods. We don't rely on public supplies for irrigation needs at any of our growing sites. Every cultivation location is equipped with natural water reservoirs that consistently supply natural rainwater throughout the year.

Microfarmer Support

  • Community Conscience.

    Colombian law 631 mandates that all Colombian Licensed Cannabis producers acquire at least 10% of flower production from small producers. Itoco has signed agreements with Small Producer families that far exceeds this requirement. Each Small Producer has a half hectare license and combine they total 20 Hectares, in addition to our main 5 Hectare farm.


  • Research and development and quality focused.

    Our scientific commitment begins with breeding research, utilizing traditional and molecular techniques to develop and register the very best cannabis cultivars, and assuring that we are ready to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market.


  • Recognized throghout the region.

    Our leadership is recognized within Colombia and throughout Latin America. Gilbert Paez, CEO of Camedco Colombia consulted with Chile, Argentina and Uruquay on their Medical Cannabis licensing structure and rollout initiatives.