A global Leader

Creating sustainable land regeneration

Global Mission with Local Impact

Our mission is to create a sustainable global carbon sequestration market based on a Removal Unit Program (RMU) – that also helps local communities by creating self-sustaining programs in agriculture, clean energy and food security.

Making a Difference

Global and Local Impact

With the development and implementation sustainable climate smart agriculture, afforestation programs, renewable technologies and energy in arid and semi arid regions, we are helping create healthy communities and economics.

  • With by products ranging from cosmetics and medicine, to fuel and fertilizers, to food and fodder, out advanced Nopal agriculture systems are poised to help governments achieve multiple goals with one program.
  • Globally, our technology is creating the world’s leading solution for the capture, quantification and monetization of carbon offsets through the advances we have created in Nopal Cactus agriculture.

The ITOCO program has been proven elsewhere that arid lands can produce carbon-reducing crops and provide a sustainable circular economy where all stakeholders win. The Nopal cactus is being cultivated in arid countries around the world and has proven to remove toxic emissions from the air and support local communities.

42% of the Earth’s surface is desert. The Nopal Cactus is able to grow on land where no other crops are able to grow, it can be used to restore degraded land and in many arid countries, it is the only crop that can be relied on when everything else fails. It also acts as an important first step in restoring a balanced biosphere in which other plants can thrive again.

Helping People Thrive

By establishing our sustainable Soil Rescue Program in arid countries, we are supporting local agriculture and communities, creating circular economies and regenerating unproductive lands. While globally we will be helping combat climate change, locally we are creating social security, food security, employment, carbon sequestering, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, clean energy production, and afforestation.


Michael Paul, C.E.T.

Michael Paul C.E.T., is a Civil Engineering and Business Administrative Studies graduate with over 42 years experience as a management executive, specializing in company start-ups, focusing on implementing systems, policies and procedures.

Past industries include: land development, residential construction and oil & gas production. More recently he has been working with a number of public companies in the technology and resource sectors.

Girmay Fesshaye, BIT (Hons)

Nuno Pires

Alpha Pang

Mr. Pang has over 40 years’ experience in multiple business ventures, including Real Estate Brokerage/Investment, and consulting to early stage and start-up companies in the mineral resources and technology areas. He has served as a Director and Officer for a number of technology and mineral resources companies in both the private and public sectors.

In 1991 founded a consulting company, which assists clients in developing marketing plans, raising capital and restructuring; all with the goal of enabling them to go public.

Murray Good

A multi-faceted entrepreneur, Murray has combined his passion for paradigm-shifting innovation with forward- thinking practicality to create and improve successful ventures across numerous sectors. With generations of farming in his background, Murray was born and raised heavily surrounded by Agriculture. In 2001, Murray purchased Whitecrest Mushrooms, immersing himself within the opportunities and challenges presented by Agaricus cultivation.

To date, Murray has transformed operations at Whitecrest, combining state-of-the-art infrastructure with food safe organic and SQF certification of the highest threshold. Bringing his innovative passion to fruition, Murray is co- founder and President of Mycionics; a cutting-edge engineering firm working to bring proprietary robotic mushroom harvesting technology to market. Additionally, within Whitecrest, Murray is currently working to implement a closed loop system, re-utilizing waste heat, water run-off, and by-products to increase the beneficial environmental impact from Agaricus cultivation.

José Carlos Ramalhinho Alves

Mr. José Carlos Ramalhinho Alves, a Portuguese citizen was born and raised in Évora and graduated as an Agronomist Eng. (ISA/UTL – Master degree in Agronomic Eng.) and a Biologist (UTAD – Licentiate degree in Biology).

He has a vast array of experience in biotechnology, agri-food technical consultancy, is a former Manager of an agricultural property of Cactus Pear and a former COO and Manager of a company related to the European Investment Funds. As well, he is a member of the Agricultural National Association of Cactus Pear – APROFIP (Portugal).

Mr. Alves is an independent consultant, with extensive knowledge in GACP, Cannabis for medicinal purposes, HACCP, Global GAP, GRASP, BRC, Ecological Farming, Permaculture, Regenerative and Biodynamic Agriculture.

Xavier Eyamba

Xavier is an astute business developer, focus on supporting cross-functional teams for result-driven cutting edge technology solutions across the power, agriculture, housing, transportation, and oil & gas sector in the sub-Sahara region. Founding member of Stratus-Consult Inc in Nigeria.

Xavier was selected as a facilitator by Wilton Park, UK on behalf of the British High Commission, Abuja on Reimagining nature-based solutions in Nigeria: preparing for COP26 on tackling desertification, deforestation and carbon capture system.

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