A global Leader

Creating a Sustainable Carbon Exchange

Global Mission with Local Impact

Our mission is to create a sustainable global carbon sequestration market based on a Removal Unit Program (RMU) – that also helps local communities by creating self-sustaining programs in agriculture, clean energy and food security.

Making a Difference

Global and Local Impact

With the development and implementation sustainable climate smart agriculture, afforestation programs, renewable technologies and energy in arid and semi arid regions, we are helping create healthy communities and economics.

  • With by products ranging from cosmetics and medicine, to fuel and fertilizers, to food and fodder, out advanced Nopal agriculture systems are poised to help governments achieve multiple goals with one program.
  • Globally, our technology is creating the world’s leading solution for the capture, quantification and monetization of carbon offsets through the advances we have created in Nopal Cactus agriculture.
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About Us - mexican-farm

For the past 6 years , we have conducted research in Mexico with the support of the Secretary of Agriculture (SAGARPA), the Secretary of Energy (SENER), the Secretary of Environment (SEMARNAT) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to increase production on over 21 crops.

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As one the world’s most innovative companies in Carbon Sequestration, Organic Fertilizer and Clean Energy Production we are currently well poised and are currently expanding globally. Working with 11,735 producers with 45,327 hectares of Nopal Cactus production and serving customers in more than 18 states in Mexico, our experience is unmatched.

Helping People Thrive

Bring our sustainable CO2 credit exchange to arid countries, we are support local agriculture and communities, subsidizing the economy with a percentage of the Carbon Exchange revenue, and regenerating arid lands. While globally we will be helping with the Carbon exchange, locally we are creating social security, food security, employment, carbon sequestration, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, clean energy production, and afforestation.


Prince Xavier Eyamba

Prince Xavier is an astute business developer, focus on supporting cross-functional teams for result-driven cutting edge technology solutions across the power, agriculture, housing, transportation, and oil & gas sector in the sub-Sahara region. Founding member of Ecoplan Plc in Nigeria.

Prince Xavier was selected as a facilitator by Wilton Park, UK on behalf of the British High Commission, Abuja on Reimagining nature-based solutions in Nigeria: preparing for COP26 on tackling desertification, deforestation and carbon capture system.

Jamie Sanchez Cortina CFO

Mr. Sanchez Cortina has over a decade of experience in financial management and strategic planning. He played a key role in developing six start-ups in Latin America and has participated in four private investments, in which the best IRR reach 218%.

Mr. Sanchez Cortina manages the portfolio of E Capital Mexico Venture Capital Funds, a venture capital organization with 9 early stage investments in the fintech, technology, environmental and auto part sectors. Prior to that Mr. Sanchez Cortina was a Director at the Abraaj Group in the Mexico office managing a portfolio of over US$170 M, before that he structure and develop the strategy of the Mexican Government Venture Capital Fund of Funds, Mexico Ventures I, a Venture Capital Fund of Funds co-managed with Sun Mountain Capital and GreenSpring Associates.

Juan Bernardo Orozco Sanchez

Mr. Orozco Sanchez is a member of diverse Delegations of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Mexican Government, attending International Negotiations related to International Cooperation for Development, Climate Change in Agriculture, Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, Extension of Agricultural Innovations, Research and Development, Biotechnology, and Public Policy for Food Security.

He entered the Mexican Government in 2000 and since then has occupied diverse positions of responsibility in the areas of International Cooperation in the Agricultural Sector and is currently Director of Economic Studies in the Agricultural Sector, at the General Coordination of International Affairs and Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mexico.

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