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Creating a Sustainable Carbon Exchange

Global Mission with Local Impact

Our mission is to create a sustainable global carbon sequestration market based on a Removal Unit Program (RMU) – that also helps local communities by creating self-sustaining programs in agriculture, clean energy and food security.

Making a Difference

Global and Local Impact

With the development and implementation sustainable climate smart agriculture, afforestation programs, renewable technologies and energy in arid and semi arid regions, we are helping create healthy communities and economics.

  • With by products ranging from cosmetics and medicine, to fuel and fertilizers, to food and fodder, out advanced Nopal agriculture systems are poised to help governments achieve multiple goals with one program.
  • Globally, our technology is creating the world’s leading solution for the capture, quantification and monetization of carbon offsets through the advances we have created in Nopal Cactus agriculture.
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For the past 6 years , we have conducted research in Mexico with the support of the Secretary of Agriculture (SAGARPA), the Secretary of Energy (SENER), the Secretary of Environment (SEMARNAT) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to increase production on over 21 crops.

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As one the world’s most innovative companies in Carbon Sequestration, Organic Fertilizer and Clean Energy Production we are currently well poised and are currently expanding globally. Working with 11,735 producers with 45,327 hectares of Nopal Cactus production and serving customers in more than 18 states in Mexico, our experience is unmatched.

Helping People Thrive

Bring our sustainable CO2 credit exchange to arid countries, we are support local agriculture and communities, subsidizing the economy with a percentage of the Carbon Exchange revenue, and regenerating arid lands. While globally we will be helping with the Carbon exchange, locally we are creating social security, food security, employment, carbon sequestration, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, clean energy production, and afforestation.


Prince Xavier Eyamba

Prince Xavier is an astute business developer, focus on supporting cross-functional teams for result-driven cutting edge technology solutions across the power, agriculture, housing, transportation, and oil & gas sector in the sub-Sahara region. Founding member of Ecoplan Plc in Nigeria.

Prince Xavier was selected as a facilitator by Wilton Park, UK on behalf of the British High Commission, Abuja on Reimagining nature-based solutions in Nigeria: preparing for COP26 on tackling desertification, deforestation and carbon capture system.

Jamie Sanchez Cortina COO

Mr. Sanchez Cortina has over a decade of experience in financial management and strategic planning. He played a key role in developing six start-ups in Latin America and has participated in four private investments, in which the best IRR reach 218%.

Mr. Sanchez Cortina manages the portfolio of E Capital Mexico Venture Capital Funds, a venture capital organization with 9 early stage investments in the fintech, technology, environmental and auto part sectors. Prior to that Mr. Sanchez Cortina was a Director at the Abraaj Group in the Mexico office managing a portfolio of over US$170 M, before that he structure and develop the strategy of the Mexican Government Venture Capital Fund of Funds, Mexico Ventures I, a Venture Capital Fund of Funds co-managed with Sun Mountain Capital and GreenSpring Associates.

Juan Bernardo Orozco Sanchez – Advisory Board Member

Mr. Orozco Sanchez is a member of diverse Delegations of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Mexican Government, attending International Negotiations related to International Cooperation for Development, Climate Change in Agriculture, Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, Extension of Agricultural Innovations, Research and Development, Biotechnology, and Public Policy for Food Security.

He entered the Mexican Government in 2000 and since then has occupied diverse positions of responsibility in the areas of International Cooperation in the Agricultural Sector and is currently Director of Economic Studies in the Agricultural Sector, at the General Coordination of International Affairs and Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mexico.

Mr. Rene Ibarra – Technical Management Team

Mr. Rene Ibarra has joined the firm’s Technical Management Team, Carbon Credits and Capture.

Previously, he has been accredited as a leading verifier by the Climate Action Reserve to verify Carbon Capture projects under the standard of the Mexico Forest Protocol since 2016, participating in the evaluation of 48 projects developed in the State of Mexico, Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Hidalgo and Durango under the Mexico Forest Protocol. He also participated in national and international forums such as the North American Carbon World conference in its editions from 2017 to 2019, the year in which he was the recipient of the CARROT award granted by the Climate Action Reserve to its most outstanding partners and collaborators for promoting and encouraging the establishment of forest Carbon sequestration projects in Mexico.

Additionally, he worked as Coordinator of Forest Communities for WRI Mexico’s CO2munitario project; coordinating the implementation of projects at the national level and contributing its experience in the training of personnel in site and in the integration of evidence of compliance with social and environmental safeguards, distribution of benefits, calculation of removals and the eligibility and additional criteria of the Mexico Forest Protocol.

Mr. Ibarra also worked as a Specialist in Certification of National and International Standards focused on the sustainable management of natural resources, in the Association of Normalization and Certification A.C.

Further, he served as a Certification Engineer for the evaluation of the NMX-AA-143-SCFI-2015 for the sustainable management of forest resources; standard in which he led the works of certification of 156 forest properties in 13 states of the republic, managing to certify 914, 720 hectares until 2019. He was also a leading verifier in the NMX-AA-170-SCFI-2016 for the certification of forest nurseries; NMX-AA-169-SCFI-2016 for the establishment of production units and forest germplasm management and as Substitute Technical Manager of the Verification Unit, accredited by the Mexican accreditation entity for the evaluation of the NMX-AA-144- standards. SCFI-2008 and NMX-N-107-SCFI-2010 related to the sustainable production and free of elemental chlorine of paper.

Mr. Ibarra is a key addition to the existing team currently updating various agreements to amalgamate Nopal Cactus Farms and related assets in Mexico and elsewhere for the purpose of creating commercial products including foods, renewable bio-energy products, and Carbon Credits.

Mr. Alberto Ramirez – Technical Management Team Leader

Mr. Ramirez is a Biologist and graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He came to Itoco from the World Resources Institute (WRI) – Mexico, where he is the Forest Carbon Coordinator.

He was responsible for coordinating Carbon Capture (CO2) forestry projects through the formation of community technical capacities; linking forest communities at the national level; advising on removal of inventories, monitoring, reporting and verification. As well, he actively participated in the implementation of activities aimed at influencing public policy on issues of biodiversity, management of forest resources and mitigation of climate change.

His past collaborations include being a consultant for entities such as CONAFOR, PROBOSQUE, SEDEMA, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Mexico, Climate Action Reserve (CAR), PRONATURE, and ClimateSeed, among others. He has worked for the development and evaluation of the viability of CO2 Carbon Capture forestry projects, and he has experience as a verifier in compliance with forestry regulations in matters of sustainability with an emphasis on biodiversity and social aspects.

As the first Mexican verifier accredited by CAR, Mr. Ramirez has participated in the review and proposal of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) removal protocols such as the CAR Forest Protocol for Mexico v.2.0 and the Draft Forest Protocol for the Emissions Trading System (SCE MX).

His main activities are focused on the sustainable management of natural resources through the participation of rural communities, technical training, and national and international dissemination of the current status of the potential of Mexican forests and agriculture for Carbon Credit and Capture markets.

Mr. Erik Gordillo Enamorado – Project Coordinator Carbon Credits and Chief Agricultural Liaison

Mr. Erik Gordillo Enamorado has joined ITOCO as Project Coordinator Carbon Credits and Chief Agricultural Liaison.

Mr. Enamorado is an Agronomist Engineer with a specialty in Agricultural Economics from the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, Texcoco, Mexico. His studies focused on developing expertise in Agribusiness, Agriculture, and sustainable commercial productivity.

He will function as the direct liaison between ITOCO and the numerous Nopal Cactus farms and farmers that have signed onto our Carbon Credit and Nopal cultivation program and collective.

Mr. Enamorado previously held the CEO position at México Red de Agronegocios, S.A.

His responsibilities included the administrative, operational, financial management, and of the commercialization of a portfolio of products and services in the area of seeds, fertilizers, agricultural bio-inputs and KPI’s.

Also, he dealt directly with commercial prospecting and the acquisition of sub-distributors, the sale of seeds and fertilizers, as well as the evaluation and formulation of Investment Projects in Agribusiness. Training for producers in demonstration events and agricultural best practices was also a focus.

His focus at ITOCO will be to build positive relationships, goodwill, and economic synergies with Nopal farmers, partners, clients, staff, suppliers. business partners and other key players for a strengthened value-added network.

Thus, he will be ITOCO’s main strategic articulator vis a vis our Nopal farming and Carbon Credit partners.

Our farming partners are ITOCO’s most important asset, and we will be providing them substantial support, as well as the financial incentive that Carbon Credits will bring to the communities through our partnership.

Ms. Maria Teresa Tattersfield Yarza – Board of Directors

Ms. Tattersfield has joined ITOCO as one of the members of the Board of Directors

Ms. Tattersfield holds a degree in International Relations with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Management, Specialization in Sustainable Development (LEAD program from the Colegio de México) and Energy Efficiency and Environment at FLACSO.

She is currently responsible for coordinating the execution of agricultural carbon capture projects (with Nopal plantations) and forestry at EcoPlan PLC (Itoco’s Mexican subsidiary) on the Board level. She is a specialist in the design and development of methodologies and protocols that have been implemented in the state of Oaxaca and Puebla with great success in the sale of offsets in the international market.

Previously, she oversaw the Program of Natural Solutions at Tecnológico de Monterrey University and was an advisor to the Neutralízate Program of the organization Pronatura México, around voluntary forest carbon markets.

She has been part of the special team of advisers in sustainable development and climate change for the Foreign Ministry of the British Commonwealth Government, and was in charge of the relationship with the priority states on mitigation and adaptation issues, promoted the realization of the first Plans State of Climate Change, as well as political analysis and preparation of recommendations for decision making in the design of agreements and memoranda of understanding in the Mexico-United Kingdom relationship on issues such as low carbon economy.

In her work at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, she coordinated initiatives such as the restoration of the Lerma Chapala Basin. She has also coordinated cooperation projects for Mexico in the field of rural training with different international organizations and institutions such as the CEC, USAID, UNDP, etc., and has had the opportunity to participate in several publications of the same.

Ms. Tattersfield is an expert in project execution and evaluation, with extensive experience in the federal government, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and academia.

Ms. Tattersfield is currently the Forest Carbon Manager of WRI Mexico, and is responsible to coordinate the execution of CO2munitario (forest carbon capture).

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