a few words about us

A Canadian and Colombian Joint Venture.

Itoco has a Joint Venture with Camedco.

Camedco has secured a facility in Cachipai, Cundinamarca. This facility has already been approved by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and ICA.

It currently has its THC and CBD licenses to produce medical cannabis for transformation and export.

Camedco has built a large extraction facility and drying facility.

Our mission

To be the global leader in producing medical cannabis in an environmentally friendly way.

Our 5-hectare nursery and propagation center, plus our network of cultivation and harvest farms, and our partners all benefit from natural sunlight. Our operations don’t strain local power grids because sunlight is provided consistently on a “12 hours light to 12 hours dark” cycle year-round.

We don’t rely on public supplies for irrigation needs at any of our growing sites. Every cultivation location is equipped with natural water reservoirs that consistently supply natural rainwater throughout the year. In parallel, our processing facilities will be designed fulfilling all GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) standards, ensuring that products are consistently high in quality, and guaranteeing total traceability.

Our scientific commitment begins with breeding research, utilizing traditional and molecular techniques to develop and register the very best cannabis cultivars, and assuring that we are ready to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market. Post-harvest oil processing is accompanied by equally rigorous science, as our laboratories and scientists take full advantage of all modern technologies and research to ensure the consistency and purity of our oil extracts, meeting rigorous quality standards. That’s what makes us the natural choice.

why Itoco

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    Massive Potential

    In 2016, Colombia legalized medical cannabis. The country is allowing their licensed growers to export their products to other countries, which they hope will allow their country to become the "Saudi Arabia" of cannabis.

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    Experienced Team

    The Itoco management team has over 100 years combined experience in business management and execution, raising capital and public company governance.

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    Environmentally Responsible

    Colombia's climate fosters open-air greenhouse propagation, which enables plant cultivation to benefit the environment by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and releasing large amounts of oxygen back.

Meet the team

Michael Paul, CEO

A Civil Engineering and Business Administrative Studies graduate with over 30 years experience as a management executive in land development, and oil & gas leases in the Illinois Basin. More recently he has been working with a number of public companies in the technology and resource sectors.

Alpha Peng, Director

Alpha has has over 30 years of experience in various business ventures including Real Estate Brokerage/Investment, business consultations to start up companies. He has extensive working knowledge with Far East investors conducting business in Canada. He serves on the board of directors of various public companies listed on the Canadian and/or US exchanges.

Gilbert Paez, CEO Camedco

A recognized leader in Cannabis throughout Latin America, he consulted with Uruguay, Chile and Argentina on their medical cannabis licensing structure and rollout initiatives.

Herminio Valencia, PHD Agr. Sciences

Herminio is a published scientist in the field of agricultural science. He brings a depth of experience in studying advanced agricultural techniques to achieve high yields while preserving and nurturing the surrounding environments and economies.

Greg Marlin, CTO

Greg has 20 years experience in technology and product development as well as in company formation, marketing and sales in various industries and geographies around the world. He adds knowledge and execution ability across all major technology and content platforms.

Miller Murcia, Chemist

Miller has 20 years experience in chemistry and chemical analysis in a variety of laboratory and production settings, including in pharmacology. His experience and competencies span from research and development, to product refinement, to personnel recruitment and management.